Survival Prep for 2018 CrossFit Open


Survival Prep for 2018 CrossFit Open

Written by: Merissa Maiorano

Gear up

  • Time for new kicks! Plan to replace your training shoes in January as training shoes have about a 3 month life span
  • Knee sleeves: are they up to snuff? They have approximately a 1 year life span.

Check out Get Workt Knee Sleeves (Order 2, They are sold as single sleeves)

  • Gymnastics grips: if you currently use them, make sure they don’t have thinning wear patterns. If they do, they need to be replaced. If you don’t use any, explore your options like leather grips or natural grips (the Open has a tendency to have higher volume gymnastics)

Currahee Coaches Love BEAR KOMPLEX 3 HOLE HAND GRIPS – CARBON FIBER (great for gymnastics, but not good work barbell wods)


ROGUE V2 GYMNASTICS GRIPS Most versatile grip (some say they are to thick so get them soon and get used to them)

  • Now is as good a time as any to invest in a good rope for those beloved double unders, RPM Jump Rope is right down the way and they can get you fitted in a jiffy.

What’s your stack look like?

  • With supplementation, you need to dial in what you like to use on a day to day basis
    • Pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout supplementation should all be taken into consideration

Currahee Coaches Use FNX Supplements (Use Code: movelikemeriss for 15% off)

  • Your training day and competition day supplements should not vary
    • Make sure you “stock pile” your supplements in the coming month so you do not run out of anything during the Open, no need to add any additional stressors

Did you wash your hands?

Flu season is upon us, folks! Let’s increase awareness around hand washing and hand sanitizer use because we don’t want anyone missing any training time due to illness. An easy way to boost your immune system is to increase daily Vitamin C (Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin so it is safe to take in excess). If someone at work or home is fighting the flu adding echinacea supplements, elderberry syrup, and boosting vit A and D intake to support your immunity as well (recommended to take at the sign of symptoms or before symptoms begin to be effective).

Mental Mastery Meets Muscle and Movement

The Currahee coaching staff’s most recommended books right now are: Chasing Excellence and Relentless. Read those first if you haven’t already. A huge element to mental preparedness for competition is visualization. Visualization is a practice and is not something you should only do on game day. It is a weekly, daily practice, that you can use in and out of the gym to build that skill. Now is the time to nail down your pre-competition routine, once a week at Currahee there is a game day workout and that is a great opportunity to try out routines until you find the best one for you.

We all scream for ice cream?

With just over a month till the open, your performance nutrition should be dialed in. If you are seeking to make changes, they should be made as soon as possible so you can be regulated when the time to perform arrives. If you have your nutrition dialed in, don’t stop now. Continue the path you are on and don’t back down, you have done the hard part and you are in a great routine as you head into the test.

Karen, clear my schedule!

All work and no train makes Jack a dull boy. Let your co-workers, boss, friends and family members know about the Open and its importance to you (if it has this magnitude of importance). We are naturally more supportive when we feel a part of a person’s process, so why not enroll those people in your process of taking this test! Sharing with them that much of your focus and energy will be on optimizing your performance and recovery. You get to train for 52 weeks to see how far you can push your body and this is the test you have been preparing for.